Life in the UK Book

There is no dearth of resources for aspiring residents of the United Kingdom to prepare for the Life in the UK test. Every immigrant or temporary resident will have to pass the Life in the UK test to become a permanent citizen. Of all the resources available at one’s disposal, the best and the only official guide is the Life in the UK book.

You can resort to any online or offline resource that you think would be of great help. In fact, the mock tests or questionnaires that you can attempt online, consulting with people who have given the test and have passed successfully in their first attempt, speaking with citizens to know a fair bit about the history of the United Kingdom without delving much into literature or books, learning as much as you can about the country from all kinds of sources and reading the book itself will be the most surefire way of successfully attempting the test the very first time.

‘Life in the United Kingdom: A Guide for New Residents’ is authored by the Life in the United Kingdom Advisory Group, Great Britain: Home Office and published by Stationery Office. The latest edition was published in February, 2013 and is applicable for all tests on and from 25th March February, 2013. The 216 pages book is the only official handbook for those attempting the Life in the UK tests.

The Life in the UK book offers information in a lucid language and is very easy to understand. The book particularly sheds light on the topics or subjects that you need to learn to pass the test. You would get to know about the exact process of becoming a permanent resident or citizen, the principles and values of the United Kingdom as a country and the traditions of the people living there for centuries, the present day culture of the nation and the various landmark developments of the country, its government and people over the years.

Life in the UK test is like an integration program. The whole system allows people to get accustomed with the country that would be their home and the people who would be their fellow citizens. Being a part of the community, knowing one’s rights and having a sense of responsibility to fulfil the duties of being a citizen is the outcome that the test tries to facilitate.

Check out Life in the UK Book, official title ‘Life in the United Kingdom: A Guide for New Residents’, ISBN: 0113413599, 9780113413591.