UK Citizenship Test Information

When it comes to a UK citizenship test, what you’re actually talking about is the Life in the UK Test. This is the test that will play a crucial role in determining whether or not you are given permission to seek some form of citizenship within the United Kingdom. In other words, if you are planning to remain in the UK for a significant amount of time, you will definitely want to understand everything this test entails.


It can also be immensely useful to keep a UK citizenship test tips in mind.


What You Need To Know About The UK Citizenship Test

As mentioned before, the test for citizenship in the UK is known as the Life in the UK Test. The test is computer-based, and can be taken by anyone between the ages of eighteen and sixty-five. This test is going to be a requirement for anyone who seeks UK settlement, permanent residence, immigration, or UK citizenship.


Your test will last for a period of forty-five minutes. It will consist of twenty-four multiple-choice questions. Some of the topics you can expect to encounter within the questions include British values, British history, British traditions, and similar points of interest. Your UK citizenship test comes with a pass rate of 75%, which refers to the percentage of questions you must get right, in order to pass. This translates to eighteen out of twenty-four.


Keep in mind that it costs £50 to take the test. Furthermore, you will want to note that the test has a passing rate of approximately seventy-percent. Interestingly enough, studies that involve giving established British citizens samples of the test has yielded lower passing rates than immigrants.

You will also want to keep in mind that upon completion of this UK citizenship test, you will not be given your exact marks. If you have passed the test, you will be alerted to such. If you have not passed the test, you will be given an indication of the topics that you will need to study in the future. It is worth noting that there is no set limit, in terms of how many times an individual is allowed to take the test. One is allowed to continue
taking the Life in the UK test, until they have successfully passed it.


uk-747290_1280Testing facilities can be found in a number of locations. Make sure to utilize all of the testing/practice resources available to you. Arrive for your test with time to spare.




Find the Nearest Life in the UK Test Centres

You will have to sit for a Life in the UK Test if you want to become a British citizen. The Life in the UK Test costs £50 and you should book the test a week in advance. You need to furnish all the necessary documents and you must also select one of the nearest Life in the UK Test centres. Right now, there are sixty Life in the UK Test centres and you would find at least a few that you can drive to or right where you live.

uk-747290_1280Life in the UK Test needs you to answer twenty four questions in forty five minutes. The questions pertain to British traditions and customs. To book the test, you need an email address, a debit or credit card, an accepted form of ID and proof of address. For your identification, you can use a passport, UK driving license, convention travel document, certificate of identity document or EU identity card. You could also use immigration status document or biometric residence permit. You should also declare if you have any disability. Use your official full name that appears on all documents or proofs of identification. Every detail or information provided must be accurate as they would be vetted. You must be older than eighteen or younger than sixty five to be eligible for the test.

Just to give you an idea of where the Life in the UK Test centers are:

  • In London, you have The Learning Line at 182 High Street North, East Ham, Southgate College at High Street, Southgate, PDA (Training) LTD at 107 – 109 Lewisham, High Street Lewisham, Next Education Limited at 26a Upper Tooting Road, Tooting, Iranian Association at Palingswick House on 241 King Street, Hammersmith, Intech Center at 362 Essex Road, Islington, Exchange Group Brixton at Brixton Library in Hill Parade, Exchange Group Wimbledon or Wimbledon Library on 35 Wimbledon Hill Road, Exchange Group Hendon or Hendon Library at The Burroughs in Hendon, e-skills Centre in Greenwich Community College on 95 Plumstead Rd and Anglo British Academy Forest Gate in Anglo-British Academy, Berkley Business centre, City Gate House on 246-250 Romford Road.
  • In Wales, you have Ecom Learning Solutions Ltd at Unit 4, Regents Court, Nettleford Road in Cardiff and Coleg Glan Hafren on 35 The Parade, also in Cardiff.
  • In South West, you have Pitman Training Swindon at Cheltenham House on 45 Regent Street in Swindon, Equip Plymouth at The Business Centre on 2 Cattledown Road, Equip at Exeter Central Library on Castle Street in Exeter and Easton Learning Centre on 282 Stapleton Road at Easton in Bristol.


Welcome To Life In The UK Exam Blog

Welcome To Life In The UK Exam Blog, a new blog dedicated to ensuring that you pass your life in the uk test. We understand that settling down in the UK involves a lot of time, effort and paperwork and at times it can all seem confusing. That is why we have created this blog, to create a one stop place where you can get all the information, tips and help you need to help you and to remove confusion from the process of setting up your life in the uk.

One of the first pieces of advice we can give you is to use a booking service to book life in the UK test. This is because the amount of admin involved in taking the test is unbelievable and creates a lot of confusion and stress for the examinees which is not what you need. These dedicated booking services will take a few details from yourself and the payment fee and they will do everything for you so you do not need to do anything else.

uk-747290_1280This booking service has two other excellent features. The first one is that it will provide a great range of learning materials that will help you pass your life in the UK test. A lot of people learn better from experience so their is a practice question section where you can answer as many book life in the UK questions as you like to ensure that your you’ve given yourself a practice test almost before you do the real one. If you prefer to tread up before you attempt the test then there is plenty of literature to help you understand what kind of questions are on the test and what you’ll need to know to answer these questions.

So heres to the future and what we hope will be a very helpful blog in you doing your life in the uk test!