How to Prepare for the UK Citizenship Test

The UK Citizenship Test or Life in the UK Test is not extremely hard but it is not easy either. How hard it is will depend partly on your preparation and partly on your luck. The test happens throughout the year and the questionnaires are obviously different each time. It is quite possible that you get a harder paper than people you have know. It is also possible that you get a very easy set of questions to answer. It is best to prepare well so you can manage some of the harder questions. The easier questions would anyway be easy and you need to get right at least eighteen out of twenty four questions so it is only preparation that would take you over the mark.

Here is a brief guide to help you prepare for the UK Citizenship Test.

  • Get the handbook and study it thoroughly. The test is a multiple choice questionnaire and you must know the answers. You cannot use a deductive or reductionist approach to eliminate the wrong answers. Unless you know the right answer, the guesswork can be very difficult. Also, the questions are not always very simple. There can be tricky questions where you may have to select more than one of the options. In such scenarios, you can be utterly perplexed and completely clueless.
  • You should speak with people who have appeared for the test and passed. In other words, speak with those who have become citizens having given the test. They will be able to offer you firsthand accounts of how they prepared and successfully attempted the test. Those who have attended school and college in the UK would know most of the answers invariably and if you don’t have that advantage, then the next best thing is to get guided by people who have succeeded from your position.
  • Get accustomed with current affairs and pop culture. The thing about pop culture is that it reflects a lot about the society and what you should be
    aware of. Current affairs are not always accounted for in the questionnaires since they are not updated monthly but most relevant contemporary news will give you a sneak peek into the past, the history and the heritage of the country and that would help.
  • flag-1177326_1280Finally, learn as much about the UK as you can, from books and television shows like some on the History Channel or National Geographic and more.


What you need to know about ‘Life in the UK’ Test Centres

Immigrants, professionals or investors and ex-pats need to appear for and successfully pass the Life in the UK Test to become a citizen of the United Kingdom. There are Life in the UK test centres where you can apply and appear for the exam. Here is a brief but helpful guide that would shed some light on the essential facts that you need to know about Life in the UK test centres.

  • You must find the nearest Life in the UK test centres. There are approximately sixty such centres across the country. You would need to mention at least five. You can check the map and see which five centres are the nearest from where you live right now. If you are traveling to some city or you would perhaps be in London then you can select such locations as well. You should pick the nearest Life in the UK test centres because your place of residence will come into play when your location is chosen. Don’t make random choices depending on your personal preference.
  • You should go through the entire process of applying for the test at least three days prior to taking the test. Ideally, you should pick these Life in the UK test centres and enroll yourself by paying the fifty pounds around a week in advance. That will give you sufficient time to get allotted a particular date, centre and time. You would also get to have sufficient time at hand to make final preparations or last minute brushing up to pass the test. Even if you have mastered the official handbook, it is better to read it one last time before you eventually drive to one of the Life in the UK test centres.
  • Your application will require an email address, an acceptable proof of identification and you must have a credit or debit card to make the payment for the test. Accepted proofs of identification are driving license, passport, any identity card issued in the European Union, biometric residence permit or immigration status document.
  • homepageblockoneimg-jpg11550034ec4b45anelarge-png11552e279a1633b_sn_largeAll your details must be absolutely accurate. Any error will lead to rejection of your application. Declare everything properly to the best of your knowledge. Declare any disability you may have. You would need to bring the documents and ids that you have furnished to one of the Life in the UK test centres during the exam.