Understand the Scope of ‘Life in the UK’ Test

‘Life in the UK’ test is a process of naturalising foreigners or immigrants so they can get accustomed with the way of life in the United Kingdom.
Those who are born and raised in the UK would get to know about the country from their parents, at school, from various mass media, neighbours and friends and later at college, university and on their own. They are not only natural citizens of the UK but they also get naturalised by default. Those who immigrate to the United Kingdom and have little or no knowledge about the country will need to be naturalised.

The ‘Life in the UK’ test is thus a necessary step and you must prepare for it. Before you start studying or researching for the Life in the UK test, you should understand its scope. There is a definite purpose and several aspects of accomplishing that objective. Let us break down the entire scope of Life in the UK test for you.

  • A quintessential element of the test is the history of the United Kingdom. It is one of the oldest democracies in the world and yet there’s royalty. The constitution of the country is considered to be one of the finest in the world. The country has a rich past, right from ancient times through the middle ages, various eras acknowledged to the ruling monarchs of the time and then the modern history. You are not expected to be a major in history of the country and you certainly wouldn’t have to know every significant event of the past. However, you must know the obvious elements of history that are etched firmly in the foundation of the country. You can use the official handbook to get an idea of the kind of history and facts you should know.
  • You must get accustomed with the laws of the land. Ordinary citizens don’t have legal expertise and they don’t know the sections or the subsections of penal codes. However, most citizens know what the law permits and what the law doesn’t allow. Being a foreigner, you may not be accustomed with the basic laws that apply to everyday life.
  • An integral component of the Life in the UK test is the assessment of your knowledge about the people and communities in the country. You must understand the people living in the UK including those who have immigrated like you.
  • uk-747290_1280Finally, you must learn a bit of the tradition and contemporary culture of the country.