Want To Live In The UK? Take the Life In The UK Test Now

Over the past several years, the United Kingdom has seen a lot of international migrants coming to its shores to look for better work opportunities, and one of the requirements for migrants is taking the Life in the UK test


This test is an integral part of the application for British citizenship and allow would-be citizens to know about key topics regarding the United Kingdom.


In order to pass the citizenship test you need to know the following details like the process of becoming a permanent resident or citizen of the United Kingdom, value and principles, traditions and culture, historical events and people that shaped the country, law and government and how one could get involved in the community.


In order to start taking the test, one would need to comply with the following requirements;


First, book a test schedule online. Do it not less than 3 days before the scheduled exam date. Pay the fee of £50.


People usually prepare for the test by reading some handbooks that  provide testers with the key information. These handbooks often contain useful and relevant information like the ones mentioned above.


Here are some documentary requirements that needs to be filled out and/or submitted


  1. A valid email address.
  2. debit or credit cards

3 any valid ID would do- like old passport, UK driving license- whether provisional or full, EU ID card, among others.


Here are some important details that you also need to know prior to taking the test.


> always check your documents to see if the ID submitted is acceptable or not.


> before handing in your documents, try to make sure that you have all the correct information written down in the application form.


>Your name needs to be an exact match as what you see in print, this also includes your complete name with the middle name,or you could not take the test and not get a refund.


For persons with disabilities, the special request can be made the moment the application form is filled out, to indicate that you have a disability or would require extra equipment to access the center.


Only those aged 18 below and 65 above are exempted from taking the test.


Testers only need to take the test once and is time bound at 45 minutes only with 24 questions.


tower-bridge-528126_1280Those taking the test are not allowed to bring children or family members to the testing center.


So if you plan to migrate to the UK, then be sure to take the Life in The UK test.